Business Client – duties carried out by the client


Where there is ONLY ONE contractorCDM Commercial duties

  • Project Management Arrangements – make, maintain and review arrangements, suitable for persons with CDM duties, to ensure that construction work is carried out without risk and compliant with welfare requirements;
  • Pre-construction information (PCI) – provide to each designer involved in the design of a structure and each contractor who is or might be engaged by the client;
  • Construction Phase Plan (CPP) – ensure CPP drawn up before the construction phase begins;
  • Notify HSE – if site construction work scheduled to last >30 working days or have >20 workers working simultaneously at any point in the project or exceed 500 person Notify as soon as is practicable before the construction phase begins;
  • Contractor training – ensure the necessary information, instruction and training received and appropriate supervision to comply; and
  • Cooperation with others – cooperate with any other person at the site or an adjoining site to enable others perform their duties etc.

Additional duties where there is MORE THAN ONE contractor

  • Appoint Principal Designer (PD) – to carry out the PD If appointment not made the client must fulfil;
  • Appoint Principal Contractor (PC) – to carry out PC If appointment not made the client must fulfil;
  • Compliance by PD and PC – ensure PD and PC comply with duties;
  • Health and Safety File (HSF) – ensure PD prepares an appropriate health and safety file.

Download our information leaflet for CDM duties for Business Clients here