APS Accreditation

The Wilkins Safety Group are an APS Corporate Practice and is admitted under the Deem to Satisfy Criteria utilising existing accreditation by SMAS as a Designer and Principal Designer Practice

Corporate members of APS

SMAS Accreditation

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have recently gained our SMAS (Safety Management Assessment Specialists) accreditation and so have received another SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) member certificate.

With more and more clients requesting consultants are SMAS accredited, our Worksafe certificate means the appointment/procurement process can be fast-tracked as our quality standards have been independently verified.

SMAS accreditation enables a consultancy to demonstrate full Health & Safety competence following inspection and assessment of policy, procedures, training, records and insurances.

As a fully accredited consultancy, Wilkins Safety Group are now listed on the SSIP database as:

  • Health & Safety Consultant. – SMAS accredited

Assessed Against: CDMC Services, Health and Safety Consultants

  • Principal Designer – APS accredited
  • PD Adviser – APS accredited

Assessed Against: Principal Designer and PD Adviser (Client Adviser and Principal Designer Adviser Service)

SMAS principle Designer Cerification
SMAs Designer Certificate
SMAS Principlal Designer certificate
Worksafe Certificate

Other accreditation:

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