Frequently Asked Questions around CDM 2015 Regulations

The CDM coordinator role existed under the CDM 2007 regulations, but has been removed from the CDM 2015 regulations. As CDM consultants we can assist you and your team comply with the new requirements.

The requirements to comply with CDM 2015 fall on the Client, Principal Designer, Principal Contractor, Designers and Contractors. We have launched our support service to help your projects comply.

Many of the duties from CDM 2007 remain, and they also now apply to domestic and non-notifiable projects. Clients on any project with more than one contractor (including subcontractors) will need to appoint all the required duty holders.

The removal of the CDM coordinator (the CDM expert) and the placement of their duties, and additional duties on other members of the team has left many duty holders worried about compliance.

Many architects and other design professionals now find they need to take on this required role. As the Principal Designer, you must fulfil the duties of the Designer under CDM, and also the duties of the Principal Designer (many of which were duties previously completed by the CDM coordinator).

On any project involving more than one contractor, there must a Principal Contractor appointed by the Client. If you are the only contractor, you will need to complete some of the Principal Contractors duties, such as the requirement to produce a construction phase plan.


Domestic projects are no longer treated differently to commercial projects. Domestic client duties are transferred to the rest of the project team, so if you are working on a domestic project, you may have additional duties to perform on behalf of the Client.


No. Under CDM 2015 all duties apply even if the project is non-notifiable.

Short duration projects will still need to have the CDM documentation (such as the pre-construction information and construction phase plan) in place. In addition, all projects with more than one contractor (including subcontractors) must have a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor appointed, regardless of duration or CDM notification triggers.

Yes, there have been some changes to the notification thresholds, however this no longer triggers additional duties. None notifiable projects are still required to appoint duty holders and apply all the duties of CDM 2015.

We are registered CDM 2015  Principal Designer and Advisers. Our support service can be accessed by contacting us on 01458 253682 or by emailing Jon Wilkins.

The team at Wilkins Safety Group are experienced CDM consultants having previously worked as CDM coordinators. We are led by Jon Wilkins who has written and developed training courses and CDM 2015 specific paperwork to help provide support for your projects.

If you need more help with your duties, contact us now! Call us on 01458 253682 or email Jon.