CDM Duties for the Principal Designer


CDM Duties for the Principal Designer: plan, manage, monitor and coordinate – the pre-construction phase taking into account the general principles of prevention to ensure:CDM Duties for the Principal Designer

  • Safety and health – project is carried out without risks to health or safety;
  • Pre-construction information PCI – provide assistance to the client in the preparation;
  • Foreseeable risks – identification, elimination, or control of foreseeable risks; Includes checking PC and SC’s RAMS
  • Cooperation – of all persons working on the project;
  • Cooperation with others – cooperate with any other person at the site or an adjoining site to enable others perform their duties ;
  • Designers compliance – with their duties;
  • Health and Safety File HSF – preparation and revision;
  • Pre-construction information PCI – prompt provision in a convenient form;
  • PC Liaison – g. information PC may need to prepare the construction phase plan;
  • Monitor – the site to ensure PC is doing as agreed in Construction Phase Plan (CPP)

CDM Principal Designers Leaflet for downloading