CDM Duties for the Principal Contractor

Actions required:

Plan, manage, monitor and coordinate – the construction phase taking into account the general principles of prevention to ensure:CDM for contractors

  • Safety and health – project is carried out without risks to health or safety;
  • CPP – drawn up as soon as practicable prior to setting up a construction site and updated, reviewed and revised so continues to be sufficient;
  • Coordination – of the implementation of the relevant legal requirements to ensure that employers apply the general principles of prevention in a consistent manner and follow the CPP;
  • Contractor training – where appointed ensure the necessary information, instruction and training received and appropriate supervision to comply;
  • Cooperation with others – cooperate with any other person at the site or an adjoining site to enable others perform their duties ;
  • Site Rules – drawn up;
  • Welfare – complies throughout the construction phase;
  • Liaison with PD – for the duration of the project and in particular regarding any information which needed to prepare the HSF or may affect the planning and management of the pre-construction phase;
  • HSF – is appropriately updated, reviewed and revised from time to time;
  • Site induction – provide;
  • Unauthorised access – prevent;
  • Workforce cooperation – arrangements which will enable the principal contractor and workers to co-operate effectively in promoting and developing measures to ensure the HSW and checking effectiveness;
  • Workforce consultation – consult workers in good time on matters connected with the project which may affect their health, safety or welfare; and
  • Workforce information – ensure that workers can inspect and take copies of certain information.

CDM Contractors Leaflet for download