CDM Duties for Sub-Contractors

Actions Required

Plan, manage and monitor the way in which construction work is carried out in a way which ensures that:

  • Safety and health – project is carried out without risks to health or safety;
  • CPP – if there is no PC ensure drawn up as soon as practicable prior to setting up a construction site;
  • Contractor training – where appointed ensure the necessary information, instruction and training received and appropriate supervision to comply; and
  • Information – provide to workers any information and instruction so that construction work can be carried out without risk;
  • Site induction – where not already provided by the principal contractor;
  • Danger – procedures to be followed in the event of serious and imminent danger to health and safety;
  • Risk information – provide information on matters identified by the risk assessment under regulation 3 of the MHSW ;
  • Training – provide employees with any health and safety training

   A contractor must not begin work on a construction site unless reasonable steps have been taken to:

  • Unauthorised access – prevent;
  • Welfare – complies throughout the construction phase; and
  • Directions and site rules – comply with those given by PD or PC
  • Client awareness – do not commence work in relation to a project unless satisfied that the client is aware of duties;