Wilkins Safety Group Services

Wilkins Safety Group Services specialise in supporting small businesses that cannot afford to employ a health and safety manager.

In our experience a small firm that does not presently comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 (HSAW74) is part of the majority of small firms in the UK. In general they know this, would like to comply but are concerned that once they attempt safety improvements they will open themselves to all kind of issues from their staff; reduce profits and generally make their life a misery.

Furthermore, they don’t like “advisors” or “consultants” telling them what they already know and billing them for the privilege. They are irritated by those who sell by fear claiming you can go to jail or pay massive fines etc. What they want is some help to comply without messing about with their business unnecessarily.

Wilkins Safety Group Services is different to “consultants” and advisory companies in that we get involved in helping you manage the introduction of safety. Initially we start at a basic level of getting you to comply with the HSAW74. Once the client understands the process they often request further improvements to their safety. This is because they find they are more confident handling their staff; winning contracts and their insurance underwriters.

We make a point of representing the owner or director who employs us. We are employed to argue for you against the HSE, the environmental health officer, your staff, your insurer, etc.