Gransolar is a group of vertically integrated companies specialising in solar photovoltaic energy and battery storage systems. Their head office is in Spain, but their reach is global.

The company are responsible for building a huge solar farm between Thornbury and Yate. The site is approximately 106 hectares, more than half the size of Bristol Airport and will be capable of generating  49.9MW of clean renewable electricity to the National Grid, providing the equivalent annual electrical needs of approximately 17,000 family homes. The anticipated CO2 displacement is around 23,000 tonnes per annum, which represents an emission saving equivalent of a reduction in 7,400 cars on the road.

The Project

GRANSOLAR is the successful bidder for the Larks Green EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) project in UK for the client Cero Generation (Green Investment Group – Macquarie).

Larks Green is a 70 MWp solar PV plant and GRANSOLAR’s scope includes the construction of the photovoltaic plant and the energy evacuation infrastructure.

Wilkins Safety Group are providing full H&S support to them throughout the 9 month contract.

  1. We will be carrying out regular site visits as well as attending monthly meetings with the Client/Principal Designer and Gransolar
  2. We will also be carrying out contractor checks and overseeing inductions and transference of contractor control.
  3. We will be putting together a site Safety Management Pack and taking each new sub-contractor through it to ensure that they are controlling the site safety and access as per the requirements.
  4. We will also prepare all the documents that are necessary for the induction to the LARKS GREEN project. GRANSOLAR will give the ON SITE INDUCTION
  5. We are also providing training for some of their staff

This is a fantastic contract for Wilkins Safety Group. Working with green energy providers to bring this facility to the west country and the battery storage facility will supply electricity to the local network at times of high demand and will help secure a reliable UK energy supply.