H & S Guidance – Holiday Lets

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Health and safety legislation applies in holiday lets, as there is a work activity involved in the provision of accommodation as it operates as a business activity.

If the arrangement is occasional and the premises, essentially remains a domestic residence the HSE are the enforcing authority. If the property is let for more than 20 weeks a year the local authority is the enforcing authority.

Most requirements under health and safety legislation will relate to protecting the health and safety of guests. It is essential to ensure that any heating appliances and electrical equipment is safe and maintained. Hire of equipment is included in product safety legislation enforced by Trading Standards Officers. The General Product Safety Regulations 1994 relate to such hire and if you require guidance you can contact trading standards through your local council.

The premises may be on a private water supply, in which case the supply will come under the Private Water Supplies Regulations 1991. Under these regulations your local council will need to be satisfied that the supply is wholesome and adequate and will undertake or require routine sampling. Further information is available from your local environmental health department.

If your accommodation is on farm you should consider the information provided under farm visits.


Do you arrange regular maintenance and safety checks on electrical and gas appliances? YES/NO

Do you check the premises for general hazards prior to letting:

Glazing and window safety YES/NO

Tripping hazards YES/NO

Floor condition YES/NO

Electrical visual checks YES/NO

Stair and handrail safety YES/NO

Garden safety YES/NO

Laundry safety YES/NO

Drinking Water YES/NO

General Equipment checks YES/NO


Leaflet IND(G)237 Maintaining portable electrical equipment in hotels and tourist accommodation. HSE.