H & S Guidance – Gas

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Gas is generally a very safe fuel.  But, as with all fuels, it should be treated with respect.  Each year around 40 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by faulty or poorly installed gas appliances.  (Carbon monoxide is difficult to recognise because it has no colour, no smell and no taste).  Occasionally people are injured or killed in gas explosions and fires.

By looking after your gas appliances through regular maintenance they will be safe, last longer and run more efficiently.


1Make sure that there is enough fresh air for your gas appliances, as this is necessary for safe operation.
2Have a system in place to stop the use of any appliance known or suspected of being unsafe.
3Have an established emergency procedure to turn off the gas in the event of a suspected leak and to notify your gas supplier, or to evacuate the premises if the gas cannot be turned off at the meter.
4Ensure appliances are installed and maintained properly – all businesses which carry out work on gas appliances must be registered with CORGI (the Council for Registered Gas Installers.)  You should always ask to see a current CORGI registration certificate or you can ring CORGI to check on 01256 708133.  Appliances should be checked for safety at least every 12 months.
5From 1 January 1996 there are restrictions on the installation in sleeping accommodation of gas appliances which are not of the balanced flue type.


1Do you make your employees aware of the precautions to be observed with gas as follows:
*not to use appliances suspected of being faultyYESNO
*not to cover the appliances or block the ventsYESNO
*not to block or obstruct any fixed ventilation grillesYESNO
*not to fit draught proofing strips to doors of a room containing a gas applianceYESNO
*emergency proceduresYESNO
2Do you use Corgi registered companies to install, repair or maintain your appliance?YESNO


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