Alterations and refurbishment of existing nursing home to create 12 No flats at 17 – 19 Edgeware Road, Bristol

Client Kings Barton Housing Association Ltd

Alterations and refurbishment of existing residential nursing home to create 12 No. flats.

This involves external works to hard and soft landscaping; Renovation of existing fabric; Demolition of existing window bays and construction of new window bays to communal stairwells; Changes to the layout; Structural alterations; Mechanical and electrical services; Replacement of lifts; Installation of fittings, new doors, windows, finishes and decoration.

As the building pre-dates the year 2000 (when all use of asbestos and second hand supply was banned in the UK), an asbestos risk exists on the project and a Refurbishment and Demolition survey has been arranged and completed in advance of any construction works.

The areas around the works are residential properties. Consequently, consideration must be given to this and the appropriate control measures put in place.