HR Support

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Advice on all aspects of human resources (HR Support) relating to your particular business

Guidelines and advice on what you need to do to conform to regulations, pay, hiring and firing, contracts of employment, discipline procedures etc together with any paperwork and documents would be provided with this service.

This service supplies advice and documentation only and does not provide for the management of human resources within your company.

Personnel Management Department:

Your out-sourced personnel department.

We will take care of all matters relating to the managing and monitoring of human resources and health and safety that relate to your particular offices.

All requirements and regulations are covered by this service to ensure that your particular business complies with current employment and health and safety law.

Policies and regimes are set up and implemented by us and we will then manage them and update them automatically when required by any changes in the relevant laws.

This service is too extensive to detail fully here but in brief would cover:

The complete management of human resources for your business including:

  • Involvement in the procedures and meetings to recruit and terminate staff employment.
  • Dealing with all correspondence between management and staff such as verbal and written warnings, holiday arrangements, contracts of employment, grievances, induction procedures, termination letters and arranging training.
  • Staff handbooks and all relevant policy statements etc.
  • Dispute managing and mediation.


We will handle your payroll for up to 100 employees using Sage Payroll and deal with HMRC on line for all updating of tax codes etc and end of year filing.


We will manage your statutory requirement to comply with these regulations using Sage P.11D.
Please note Sage P.11D does not handle Personal Settlement Agreements (PSA).

The Wilkins Safety Group provides this help through our Specialist Rachel Wynn.

For ease of use we have added a PDF leaflet here for you to download.
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Human Resources Support Leaflet