Are mobile working patterns contributing to an increase in repetitive strain injury?

In the news a couple of days ago they reported that more people use their smart phones and tablets to access the web than they do their PC or Laptop.

I then found an article on disability technology, by ergonomics expert Robin Christopherson which asks “Are mobile working patterns contributing to an increase in repetitive strain injury?”

I have put a link to it here as it is as it looks at what employers can do to tackle the problem.

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The two HSE cases this week both look at tragic accidents that shouldn’t have happened

  • One of their workers, aged 48 at time of incident, was caught in the blast and suffered life changing injuries when he was blinded in his left eye and lost his left thumb and forefinger.
  • Mr Norkus injured his left hand on the table saw, losing the top of his middle, ring and little fingers.

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Training Courses

We have one course already arranged for September but there will be more to come so please keep watching.

These will include a 3 day Safety Management course for all owners and/or directors of SMEs

And our new 3 day APS Accredited 3 Day Course in “The Management of Pre-Construction Health and Safety (2015)” – This 3 day course is suitable for those who wish to act as CDM advisors to Clients, Principle Designers and Contractors or Construction Safety Practitioners

The following are courses already arranged for early September

CDM Regulations 2015 – for the Smaller Builder – half day course


Course Objective:

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) come into force on the 6th of April 2015, and will apply to all construction projects in the UK incl. Domestic projects

This CDM 2015 awareness training course has been developed to provide smaller builders and tradesmen, especially those who haven’t dealt with CDM before, with an understanding of their role and responsibilities under CDM 2015.

Seminar Outline:

  • Introduction to CDM 2015Builders
  • Domestic Client Duties
  • Principal Designer Duties
  • Designer Duties
  • Principal Contractor Duties
  • Sub-Contractor Duties
  • CDM Documentation
  • Benefits of Attending

This course give an overview of the requirements for smaller builders and domestic clients and how the regulations apply to all construction projects from minor repairs and decorating works through to building a new house for a domestic client.

Course Duration:

1/2 day

CDM2015 1507Tuesday 8th SeptemberTaunton Racecourse,Orchard Portman,Taunton,Somerset,TA3 7BL


Fee: £80 to include Course notes, Coffee on arrival & mid-morning refreshments and a Certificate of Training (Fee subject to VAT)



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